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Birthday Parties

Customized just for you

Birthday parties can include any combination of the below. We will work with you to tweak it to be just right for your party.  Parties can range from 2 to 3 hours and we can host up to 25 children, with no limit on adults.  Prices begin at $600 for 10 children for 2 hours.

To reserve a date, we ask for a $100 deposit.

First Half

While horseback riding is going on, we keep the other guests busy with chickens, crafts and roping plastic cows (not pictured).
Parents hang out in the same area and relax and chit chat in our Gazebo next to our 200 ft x 100 ft arena with a view of the whole party area.

Second Half

Food & Cake (click for more pics)

Petting Zoo (click for more pics)

Old-Fashioned Games

(click for more pics)

Break for food and then back to the fun, with an up close and personal petting zoo!  Animals may include mini-donkey, mini-horse, bunnies, goats and cats (no promises...they are their own boss).

Old-fashioned games available too, like tug-of-war, limbo, egg carry race and potato sack race! 

**No worries if you want things ordered differently. We're loosey-goosey and just want you to have a great time**

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Wild West Birthday Party :)

Please reach out if you have any questions. We will do our best to accomodate any requests for different times, etc..


Base party is $600

This includes up to 10 kids for two hours.  We try to make it as easy as possible for you, including providing helpers for both setup and cleanup.  Our parties are heavily staffed so you and the other parents can just relax, or even join in!

We know that you won't know how many kids are coming until a few days before the party, so you can change the time and child count up to three days before the party.  

Add Time

Base party is two hours

$150 to add 30 minutes

$250 to add one hour

Longer parties are recommended for larger groups or for more relaxed parties

Add Kids

Base party includes up to 10 children

Each child after the 10th costs $15 additional

There is no limit to the number of adults

Some more details


Kids working on crafts.png

Party Area

All the activities take place in our large 12,000 sq ft arena.  Next to the arena is a gazebo with a comfortable couch and three picnic tables which we provide and decorate.    

The eating area is very close to the party area.


Eating Area

We want to focus on just providing the most fun animal experience, so we do not get involved with food at all.  Feel free to bring food, have food delivered, whatever you like! We have a refrigerator and freezer nearby to use as well.  

We provide the canopy, three picnic tables and a buffet table.  This is your area to decorate however you would like.

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