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Family Experience

Customized just for you

Family experience is a great way to do something special together, as exclusive guests of our ranch. You will be the only ones here and can spend the time in any way you like.  Activities can include horse grooming, horseback riding, petting and feeding goats, chickens, rabbits, mini-horses and more. Cost is $250 for one hour.

To reserve a date, we ask for a $50 deposit.

Activities (the fun stuff)


Horseback Grooming and Riding

We provide a fun horseback riding experience with safety as the top priority.  The horses are led by an equestrian expert.  For young children, usually 1-3 years old, we have an additional staff walking alongside the horse.  Any age can ride.  We have had riders ranging from 1 year olds to people in their 70s.

Animal Experience

Get up close and personal with goats, chickens, rabbits and Stacey our mini-horse.  We will have plenty of staff to help you and your children get the most out of the experience.



How does a Family Experience work?

We know family can be hard to define, so we won't try.  We are pretty "loosey-goosey" about adults so feel free to bring along grandparents, relatives, combine with another family, etc..  


The family experience was designed to provide an intimate experience with the animals, so our only ask is a limit to 4 children. If your nuclear family has more than 4 kids, that's ok too.

To check for availability, ask questions, or if you are ready to book please contact us:

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